Nothing is Certain



When the zombie apocalypse comes, where can you go to find safety?  Nothing is certain. Several survivors of the first zombie wave race to find safety in a new and horrifying world. Should they venture out into the unknown?  They have heard rumors of a well-stocked hideaway. But even if they find the bunker, is it truly safe? And will they be allowed in?

Nikki McLaren’s date ended badly when the zombies came. Forced out hiding by the undead, she gets lost in the forest, until she meets Shane. Can she trust him? Together, they make a plan to get to safety. Mary Masse thought she was safe at a rescue center, but she was wrong.  All of the familiar, boring parts of her life are now gone. On the other hand, Kyle feels the new zombie-controlled world will give him freedom, finally, from his little sister and his annoying parents. This, however, is not the world he hoped for. Meanwhile, Kyle’s family has found a sanctuary, and they are desperately seeking news of their son as the horde closes in.

An eccentric man and his wife are safe in their doomsday bunker, watching as the outside world descends into chaos. Will they save Shane, Kyle, and his family? Nothing is certain.

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It was once said, “Nothing is Certain, except for Death and Taxes.”  Since the dead walk and the Government has fallen, Nothing is Certain.  After the fall of civilization, survivors find they are trapped in a world of uncertainty.  Hope fades as safety becomes a hard commodity to come by.  The rumor of an eccentric man’s doomsday underground bunker is the song that brings survivors out of hiding.  But will it be the Siren’s call beckoning them to their doom?



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