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Without all the death. 

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Are you looking for a fantasy or science fiction story with characters you enjoy and want to follow?  Are you tired finally having a character start to get an interesting story line only to meet an unfortunate end?  Or worse, your favorite character getting killed off?  So did I. 

I recently was at Cabinet Maker books in Enola,  I was there to see the owner about an opportunity to set up a signing.  They are awesome people, you should check them out.  Anyway, while I was waiting a woman came in looking for a fantasy book where there wasn’t killing every other page.  She had been through a rough patch and didn’t need anymore suffering in life or what she was reading. 

I suggested Thorn, available from Sunbury Press, or through your favorite book store or online retailer. 

I wrote Thorn, but I wrote it with the same type of feeling.  Life was hard enough, I get invested in my characters.  These are my friends, my allies, hell, my creations.  Of course not everyone stays with you forever.  People and characters come and go, they live, they die, it is a natural part of life.  I just have the need to start with a group and slowly whittle them down one by one in each chapter.  Some make it some don’t.  Some kill, some die.  Some prevail, some don’t. 

In the end I want you to be entertained.  I want you to close the book when you are done, sigh, and say, “that was a good story, I’m glad I read it.”  I never want my reader to end my book thinking, “wow, no one was saved, not even the elf.” 

I will mention, my editor did threaten me not to kill off a character.  You’ll have to read the book to see if you can figure out which one. 




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