About Shawn McLain

From my first book “Respect the Dead”, I knew I wanted to be a writer. Listening to the Beatles, singing “Paperback Writer” seemed like a great aspiration, so I started writing. I wrote for fun, I wrote for my friends, and of course I wrote for school. Thankfully, I am of an age where my writing didn’t get me sent to the councilor’s office explaining the amount of violence and death. I want to say the stories were taken as the creative works that they were and not that the teachers where concerned for their safety. Anyway, I love stories and where they lead. 

I was a department manager where part of my duties was creating memos and writing reviews.  Exciting stuff, right? So, I thought, let’s liven things up a bit. One of my employees, was really good at his job, until he turned into a werewolf on the night shift. I had to stop adding these fun facts when one of the reviews almost got filed as a real copy. Memos would challenge staff to take on overtime in the manner of a Dungeons and Dragons quest. One of my supervisors suggested, “You should be an author,” I an thought, what the hell? 

So I wrote my first novel. It is a big one, “Respect the Dead”, I was watching a popular show about zombies and I found I couldn’t stand it any longer. The characters meet other survivors, those survivors pretend to friends, then turn on our heroes. Rinse and repeat. So I wrote my tale. One were the worst part of society doesn’t win. My story follows the fall of civilization and the struggle to find and keep a family together. It is about normal people who are thrown into extreme circumstances. How do they keep their humanity while all around them crumbles? Can they survive in a world where the worst of people seem to excel while all others suffer and die?

Since that first book I have written another Zombie story, created a ghost series and now I have my first fantasy novel, professionally published through, Sunbury Press, They are awesome. 

I write what I enjoy. I write about zombies, I write about the supernatural, and I write about wizards and witches, darkness and light. My stories have female leads who are strong, self-reliant, and brave. I don’t write stories about strong women, I write stories that have a main characters who happen to be women.

Thanks for wanting to know a bit about me. Happy reading, and feel free to let me know what you think.