“The Grey Girl, the Haunting of Sterben House”

The Grey Girl, Book 1

Book 1

Chloe died, and that was when her real torment began…

It was 1932 when Chloe Miller went missing, and her body was never recovered. Her murderer was never identified. Her ghost is trapped in Sterben House, but she is not alone. People have come to live Sterben House, despite Chloe’s whispered warnings. They have fled in terror of the evil that dwells there. But Chloe must remain.

Now, Alex and his family are living in Sterben House. He wants to uncover the story of her tragic death. Can Chloe hope to be freed? Or will Alex, by trying to investigate, stir the demon of Sterben House, and suffer a worst fate?

The Grey Girl “The Haunting of Sterben House”  Is the first book in a series that follows Chloe and Alex as they battle demons, witches, and angry ghosts.  Book 2, “The Van Tassel Murders”  finds them separated by a witch and a Sorcerer who want to learn Chloe’s secret.  Book 3, “The Saint Mary’s Horror.” finds Alex and Chloe desperate to help lost souls caught in the plan for vengeance of a madman.