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Beth McDaniel finds herself surrounded by the dead. She has no idea if her brother is still alive or where her best friend is. Together with several other survivors she tries to find her family while also trying to escape the overrun city. While Beth is searching, her brother is trying to find his way back to her. Along with a group of his own, he must abandon the land of the dead in hopes of finding safety. The story follows both groups as they struggle to survive in a new and horrifying world.


It was once said that there were only two certainties in life, “Death and Taxes”. With the fall of society and the dead walking, “Nothing is Certain”. After the apocalypse, survivors are in hiding for their lives. Their only hope is a rumor or a doomsday prepper who may have built an underground sanctuary. Now, they risk their lives on a whisper. They know, “Nothing is Certain”.