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Author of Stories about Ghosts, Witches, Zombies, and Demons

Welcome, I am an independent author.  I started writing when I was still in grade school.  By the time I got to High School I was writing stories to scare my friends and teachers.  Fortunately this was years before I would have been sent to counseling for having a different imagination.  One of my earliest reviews was a Creation Myth for a creative writing assignment.  “Very violent, but well written.” 

Since that time I have continued to be a story teller for fun, never keeping the pages until some characters decided they needed more.  Welcome, Beth, Steve, Kate, and Wesley.  They told me about the zombie Apocalypse from the very beginning.  They wanted to know the answer to several questions like:  How are there so many Zombies all at once?  If Zombies eat people why aren’t there piles of bones everywhere?  Why aren’t these things decomposing?  Why can’t the military sort them out?  And Why is there always a Zombie Clown, who is having this party when the dead walk?  So I wrote the first leg of their journey in “Respect the Dead”.  They patiently wait for me to come back to them.  

Next we had another story pop up.  Again the Zombies wanted out so we have “Nothing is Certain”.  a quick stand alone story of survivors hoping to find sanctuary in the underground bunker of an eccentric millionaire.  From the city to the woods we follow two sets of survivors who hope to make it to this rumored safety.  

Now  I was thinking I was in good shape.  I found my stories now I needed to keep going, but no.  Chloe and Alex  decided they had a story to tell.  Oh what a story it is.  It starts with Chloe’s death.  She finds herself trapped in the house of the man who killed her.  Through the years she tries to warn new owners of the evil that dwells upstairs in the place.  When Alex and his family come to restore the home they find themselves in the middle of a decades old mystery.  Demons, withes, and ghosts all  have something to say as Alex and Chloe find out she might not be the only victim.  As Alex tries to free Chloe from her prison can he stand to lose someone he has grown to care for?  Find out in, “The Grey Girl, The Haunting of Sterben House”. 

Ah but once that story was out Chloe and Alex decided they were not done.  Be on the look out for “The Grey Girl, The Van Tassel Murders”  more ghosts, more evil, more demons and more murder.  Chloe has even hinted at a third story “The Grey Girl, and the Saint Mary’s Horror.”  But you’ll have to wait and see if she tells it to me.  

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Come visit me, and more importantly Simon.  Check back for our next show.  

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Here is what people are saying:

The Gray Girl is a wonderful book. I have become a Shawn Mclain fan. His books show a writer who is developing a unique style, but, is not afraid to change it to twist the story! So many writers are predictable, Shawn makes you think!

Couldn’t put it down! Loved this story! Totally unexpected twists and turns! Great read!

You won’t regret reading this book!


O.K. so these are all about the Grey Girl.  So you really should check it out.  

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