The Grey Girl, The Haunting of Sterben House

Praise for the Grey Girl,

The Gray Girl is a wonderful book. I have become a Shawn Mclain fan. His books show a writer who is developing a unique style, but, is not afraid to change it to twist the story! So many writers are predictable, Shawn makes you think! D. Dayok


Couldn’t put it down! Loved this story! Totally unexpected twists and turns! Great read! M. Stover


Chloe Miller dies in 1932 when she is hit by a car, that  is when her troubles really start.  Trapped in the house of the man who killed her Chloe spends decades tormented by an evil entity the dwells upstairs.  After years of hiding she meets Alex, who decides he must help her.  It is then they find there are others who may have been killed, there has been a deal with the devil, and a demon loose in the house.

The first book in the Grey Girl Series.

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