Book One

Shawn Mclain


In book one, “The Haunting of Sterben House”, we meet Chloe Miller.   In 1932 Chloe Miller is walking home from school when she is hit by a car and dies.  That is when her real struggle begins as she finds herself trapped in a house house of the man who killed her and with a being of pure hatred.  Will her new friends be able to free her?  How many others have died?

In Book two, “The Van Tassel Murders”

It has been three years since the events of the Sterben House.  Chloe and Alex find themselves trapped in another mystery.  Why would a father kill his child?  Who is the strange woman who took an interest in Mrs. Van Tassel when she visited Salem?  What is the connection to so many murders in the area?  Will Chloe and Alex be able to solve, “The Van Tassel Murders”?

Book three, “The Saint Mary’s Horror”

Coming soon!! 


Zombies, Ghosts, Demons,Wizards, Witches, and Murder.  You can find all of these in the writings of Shawn McLain.  In his first novel “Respect the Dead” we see the beginning of the outbreak. As the survivors try to escape the chaos of the city they try to answer the questions that have gnawed at the back of our minds like an undead chewing on our brain stem.  “How are there so many zombies so quickly, what drives the undead, and why is there always a zombie clown?”

“According to the military, the zombies, for lack of a better term, only seem to be driven by hunger for living flesh.”

Shawn is the also the author of:

Nothing is Certain”. When the dead rise and the Government is gone nothing is certain.  Survivors only hope in this new undead world is in the rumor of an underground bunker owned by an eccentric man and his wife.



D. Dayok

The Gray Girl is a wonderful book. I have become a Shawn Mclain fan. His books show a writer who is developing a unique style, but, is not afraid to change it to twist the story! So many writers are predictable, Shawn makes you think!  D. Dayok

M. Stover

Couldn’t put it down! Loved this story! Totally unexpected twists and turns! Great read!

Amazon Reviewer

McLain does it again with this book. Though it’s not about zombies it has ghosts and a demon to fulfil your supernatural desires.

This book that i literally just got done reading was hard to put down and had an explosive ending.

Won’t go wrong picking this up. Good read!